Lessons We Learned in 2021 – What’s Changed After Pandemics

During the season of the pandemic world faced many problems related to health, work, business, and many things also changed after the pandemic. Some changes impact positive impressions, while some changes bring unacceptable results. However, the world started to come to its original form, but there are also some changes that the world will learn […]

How Do Taxes Work with Cryptocurrency

Most of us do believe that cryptocurrency investors avoid paying taxes. However, this isn’t true when we consider the tax mechanism of various developed countries. Crypto tax is a reality that can’t be ignored. In the US for instance, crypto exchanges are bound to report user activity regarding the gains and losses. The information is […]

Top 5 Leading Cities That Are Awaiting a Big Cryptocurrency Wave

Ever since Bitcoin came into existence, it has gained global attention among the people. If you too, seem to be a crypto enthusiast, then you must have been staying abreast with the crypto space for a long time. The journey of crypto has never been so easy as it has to face the brunt of […]

Reasons why you should go for cryptocurrency

A digital ecosystem is inevitably taking over the global economy. Everything is going paperless, from investments to money transfers. Blockchain technology is the newest digital payment option. Like a normal currency such as USD, a cryptocurrency serves as a medium of exchange for exchanging digital information. Investopedia defines cryptocurrency as a decentralized “digital or virtual […]

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Crypto?

Cryptocurrency investing is very different from investing in the stock market, with very different rules. In addition, those who are unfamiliar with the market tend to invest in cryptocurrency errors. You should avoid the following five mistakes when investing in cryptocurrency. Starting a business without identifying your investor profile Crypto-investors who do not take the […]