The Embassy of Saudi Arabia took a major step by issuing a notice quoting that Indian nationals planning to visit Saudi Arabia won’t require a police clearance certificate (PCC) to apply for a visa.

Following the release, the Saudi Embassy tweeted, “In view of the strong relations and strategic partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of India, the Kingdom has decided to exempt the Indian nationals from submitting a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). The PCC will no longer be a requirement for Indian citizens to obtain a visa for travelling to Saudi Arabia. This decision has been taken as a part of the efforts of the two countries to further strengthen their relations. The Embassy appreciates the contribution of over two million Indian citizens living peacefully in the Kingdom.”

Police Clearance was a mandatory procedure for Indian Passport holders when applying for employment, residential status, or any other long-term visa. However, PCC won’t be a requirement for people travelling with a tourist visa.

The changes in immigration rules are aimed at accelerating the visa process for Indian citizens. Without an additional document to submit and process, visa centers will also be able to make faster decisions, allowing people to better travel plans to Saudi Arabia.

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