Relocating to a new place is often more expensive than you might think. Between having to hire movers, pay for temporary storage for your belongings, and deal with unforeseen events, such as having to replace personal belongings that may break during the moving process, the cost of relocating to a new place can quickly add up.

In these situations, saving as much as possible and getting the most bang for your buck out of every transaction should make a little money go a long way. Keeping an eye out for companies with cross-promotions with your credit card is a great way to do that.

You can hit two birds with one stone by using your credit card to pay for products and services offered by affiliated companies. Not only will you accumulate credit card points through your bank’s cashback, reward, or loyalty programs, but you’ll also earn points from the hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other establishments that you patronize. Remember to keep track of your expenses and not go on a spending spree that you might regret later.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can use your credit card to rack up points and rewards when relocating to a new place:

Use your credit card to earn hotel rewards

Many hotels, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and IHG, are affiliated with numerous banks and will allow you to earn points that you can use to avail of hotel rewards. You can use those points to cover stays in a hotel and other hotel expenses, and you can also redeem points for miles to cover flights.

Use your credit card to earn airline rewards

Most airline companies offer frequent flier programs that allow patrons to avail rewards with accumulated miles or points. Airline rewards can land you free flights, upgrades, and other travel perks that you won’t want to miss out on. The easiest way to earn points is to fly often and with the same carrier. You can also earn points by signing up for a rewards credit card and using it to shop with program partners.

Tip: Because frequent flyer programs have undergone many changes since their conception more than 30 years ago, keep in mind that you are likely to benefit less than before if you typically fly in economy class. Conversely, just a couple of trips a year in a premium class of service could mean thousands of miles added to your account.

Use your credit card to pay for food, utilities, and other services

Before relocating to your new home, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve scouted the area for any establishments that let you earn points when using your credit card to pay for their products and services.

Any time you spend, whether it’s on a new shirt, food, or a cup of coffee, keep an eye out for establishments within your area that are affiliated with your credit card. There are plenty of opportunities to accumulate credit card points, so you’ll want to watch them.

Tip: If you are currently engaged in remote work, chances are you’ve got an internet connection that travels with you. Don’t waste the opportunity to earn even more credit card points by choosing an internet provider with a cross-promotion with your credit card.

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