Travelling can be a transformative experience but often comes with a hefty price tag. Many travellers turn to rewards programs to maximize the value of their travel bookings. The rewards promise enticing perks and rewards among the numerous options available. But is it as rewarding as it seems? In this rewards review, you will find all the details you need.

Whether you travel the world every other week or take the occasional holiday, understanding the details of the rewards program is vital to getting the most out of your bookings. 

Let’s delve into the details to uncover the actual value of this popular rewards scheme.


What is the Rewards Program?

The Rewards operates on a simple premise – “Stay 10 nights, get 1 reward night.” It means you earn one free night for every 10 nights you book and stay through Here’s the exciting part- the value of the free night is the average price of the 10 nights you stayed. This program is easy to understand and transparent in how your rewards accumulate. 

The program boasts a simple design that makes it easy to understand and use, whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or simply taking a break. It provides excellent value and savings for both frequent and occasional travellers. You’ll find the perfect accommodation for your next business trip or holiday with the vast selection of hotels worldwide. 

The program’s flexibility caters to a variety of travel needs and preferences. You can click here and join today! Rewards Review

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How Does Rewards Program Work?

Joining the Rewards program is straightforward and free. Once you sign up, you’ll earn a stamp for each night you spend at any qualifying property booked via They accumulate ten stamps, resulting in one reward night. The value of the reward night is the average price of the ten stamps collected, excluding taxes and fees. Earn a stamp for each night at eligible properties on it.

There are no limitations on the type of hotel you can book with your reward night, allowing flexibility across a wide range of options from budget to luxury accommodations. Plus, combining your stamps with real-time deals and discounts can maximize the value of your stay, making every trip more rewarding. Use your reward nights anytime, conveniently planning your travels around your schedule.


Benefits of the Rewards Program

The Rewards Program offers several compelling benefits that cater to both frequent and occasional travellers, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to enhance their travel experience. It seamlessly integrates with your travel habits, rewarding you for stays while offering flexibility and savings on future trips.

Here are the key benefits – 


  • Flexibility – The program is not tied to any specific biggest hotel chains, allowing travellers to choose from various properties worldwide. This wide range of options ensures that every type of traveller can find accommodations that suit their preferences.


  • Ease of Use – With a simple structure of “stay 10 nights, get 1 free,” it’s easy for users to understand and track their rewards. This straightforward approach helps travellers quickly see the value of their loyalty.


  • No Expiry on Stamps – If you book at least once a year, your stamps won’t expire, which is ideal for frequent and occasional travellers. This flexibility encourages continued participation in the program without the pressure of frequent bookings.


  • Additional Perks – Silver and Gold members enjoy complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades, and more, depending on the number of nights booked per year. These enhanced benefits aim to improve the enjoyment and reward of each stay for loyal customers. Rewards Transitions to One Key

Effective July 6, 2023,, Expedia, and Vrbo have introduced a new rewards program named One Key. The program introduces a new rewards currency, OneKeyCash, applicable across all three brands.

This change is more than just a rebranding; it significantly alters the program’s value proposition –


  • One Key members now earn 2% in OneKeyCash for every dollar spent on eligible hotels, vacation rentals, activities, packages, rental cars, and cruises. They earn 0.2% OneKeyCash for every dollar spent on eligible flights.
  • At ‘eligible VIP Access properties,’ Silver members receive a 50% bonus, Gold members a 100% bonus, and Platinum members a 200% bonus on earnings.


The introduction of the new program means that any existing reward balance will automatically transition. For instance, if you had $100 in rewards under the old system, it would still hold the same value in the new One Key program.

Notably, this change represents a significant reduction in the earning potential for frequent travellers. Previously, travellers earned a 10% reward on their stays; now, they earn only 2% back. Although earnings can reach up to 6% on particular stays, achieving this rate is exclusive to Platinum members and only at ‘eligible VIP Access properties.’

Despite these changes, markets the new program as a simplification, highlighting that travellers no longer need to stay 10 nights to redeem rewards.

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Trip Elements and Tier Advancement

Rewards every aspect of your travel, earning you trip elements alongside OneKeyCash for each trip component. This integrated approach maximizes your benefits, allowing you to accumulate rewards quickly and efficiently. As you collect more trip elements, you’ll unlock higher tiers with even more exclusive advantages. This system enriches your travel experience by rewarding loyalty at every journey step.

Collect one trip element for each –


  • Hotel Room Night
  • Vacation Rental Night
  • Flight Ticket 
  • Car Rental Day
  • Cruise Cabin Night
  • Activity Ticket


This comprehensive system boosts your rewards and helps you ascend tiers faster.

Each accumulated trip element brings you closer to unlocking new levels of benefits, enhancing your travel experience with more perks and rewards. As you move up tiers, you gain access to exclusive offers and services, making every trip more rewarding.


Membership Benefits Overview

Explore the various membership tiers of this program and find a wide range of exclusive savings, rewards, and perks tailored to enhance your travel experience. Each tier offers increasing value, ensuring frequent travellers receive the best possible advantages. From special pricing on hotel stays to unique travel experiences, this membership program is your gateway to more rewarding adventures.

Here’s a breakdown of each tier and their associated perks –


Tier Trips Savings Rewards Perks
Blue 0-4 Save 10%+ at 100,000+ hotels Earn & use OneKeyCash Price tracking for flights
Silver 5-14 Save 15%+ at 10,000+ hotels 50% bonus OneKeyCash on VIP stays Priority support; Extra perks at VIP properties
Gold 15-29 Save 20%+ at 10,000+ hotels 2x OneKeyCash on VIP stays Room upgrades; Price Drop Protection on app flights
Platinum 30+ Save 20%+ at 10,000+ hotels 3x OneKeyCash on VIP stays Room upgrades; Platinum support; Price Drop Protection on app flights


Key Points –


  • Trip Elements – Each night booked or car rental day counts as one trip element, contributing to your tier status.
  • OneKeyCash – This reward currency, earned on eligible bookings, can be redeemed for future travel discounts.
  • VIP Access – Select properties offer enhanced benefits for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members.
  • Price Drop Protection – This unique perk automatically refunds you if the cost of your flight drops after booking (on select flights booked via the Expedia app).


Note – Benefits are subject to availability and may vary by property. For more details, visit the website.


The Role of Gift Cards in the Rewards Program gift cards are a vital component of the rewards program, allowing users to earn points when purchasing and redeeming points for gift cards. These cards can book many hotels worldwide, offering recipients flexibility and choice. Integrating gift cards into various promotional activities enhances their appeal, making them an even more valuable part of the loyalty strategy.

It often enhances its value through promotions that discount gift cards or offer extra reward points, making it an attractive option within the rewards ecosystem. Gift cards also never expire, providing lasting value for occasional or future travel planning. They make excellent gifts for holidays or special occasions, adding a personal touch to the travel experiences of friends, family, or colleagues.

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How to Redeem Travel Points and Rewards Through Bookings

To use your travel points and rewards on effectively, whether you’re a frequent traveller or just saving up points for a particular trip, understanding how to redeem your rewards effectively can significantly enhance your travel experience. A straightforward approach, ensuring you get the most out of every booking with minimal hassle.

Follow these simplified steps –


  • Log In – Access your account to view and manage your points.
  • Search – Identify properties that accept points by looking for tags like “Points Eligible.”
  • Book – Choose your preferred stay and move to the booking details.
  • Apply Points – Use your points at checkout to reduce the booking cost.
  • Review – Double-check the booking details to ensure points are correctly applied.
  • Enjoy Perks – Take advantage of any additional benefits associated with your membership level.
  • Monitor Expiry – Keep track of point expiry dates to use them in time.


Following these streamlined steps, you can redeem your points for rewarding travel experiences on


Bottom Line

What sets the rewards program apart is its simplicity and flexibility. It makes it an excellent choice for travellers who want an easy way to get rewards and the freedom to choose from many hotels. But it’s essential to know that your free nights can expire, and you may have to pay extra fees when using them. If you travel often and stay at different places, can be an excellent deal. 

It can help you save money and have more fun on your trips. 

Travelling is an integral part of life, for leisure or business purposes. Sometimes, you reach a place that seems like relocating would be a good option. 

If you’re contemplating such a move, Relo.AI is here to facilitate your transition smoothly and efficiently, offering tailored solutions to meet your relocation needs.

Schedule a quick call and fill out the form for more details. We are here to assist you at every stage of your journey.



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