Retirement is often viewed as a well-deserved break after a lifetime of hard work. It’s the period when you finally have the time to pursue hobbies, travel, and spend quality moments with loved ones. The financial aspect of extra money in retirement can be a source of concern for many individuals. 

The increased life expectancy and the rising cost of living have made it essential to find creative ways to make extra money during retirement. This comprehensive guide will explore seven creative avenues to supplement your retirement income, ensuring a more secure and enjoyable retirement.

Extra Money in Retirement


1. Freelancing and Consulting

Freelancing and consulting can be a great way to earn extra money in retirement. The global freelance market was worth $1.2 trillion in 2020, and the number of freelancers is expected to grow to 97.7 million by 2028. The average freelancer earns $20 per hour. Retirement means you can continue using the valuable skills and expertise you’ve accumulated over your career. Instead, consider offering your services on platforms like UpworkFiverr, or LinkedIn ProFinder.

Freelancing and consulting allow you to work on your terms, taking on projects that interest you. Whether you were an accountant, writer, designer, or programmer during your career, there is likely a demand for your skills. Many retirees have successfully transitioned into freelancing or consulting roles, bolstering their finances and keeping their minds sharp and engaged.


2. Rental Income

If you have an extra room or property, consider renting it out. According to a 2021 survey by the National Association of Realtors, the average rent for a single-family home in the United States is $1,725 monthly, potentially earning you an extra $20,700 annually. Renting out a property can be a lucrative way to generate passive income, but it requires careful management. 

Keep track of expenses like property taxes, insurance, and repairs, and remember to pay taxes on your rental income. If you lack the time or expertise, hiring a property manager, who typically charges 10-12% of the collected rent, can be wise. Platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo make finding short-term renters easy, maximizing your earnings from real estate investments.

Here’s a friendlier version of your tips for managing rental income:


  • Consider opening a dedicated bank account just for your rental earnings. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to sorting out your finances.
  • Remember to jot down all your expenses. This way, you can quickly determine how much you’re making.
  • Stay ahead of the game by paying your taxes promptly. Remember, you’ll usually have to settle your taxes quarterly for rental income.
  • If juggling the demands of your rental property gets a bit much, or if you want some expert advice, think about bringing a property manager on board. They can be a great help!


3. Monetizing Hobbies and Passions

Retirement is the perfect time to indulge in your hobbies and passions. Whether it’s painting, crafting, gardening, or woodworking, there’s potential to turn your pastime into a profitable venture. Leap and create a market online for your crafts or artistic endeavors, utilizing popular platforms like Etsy for handmade crafts or artwork and WordPress for a personalized blog or website. Start a blog to share your knowledge and passion, or offer workshops to teach others your skills using platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

What’s inspiring is that there are countless stories of retirees who have successfully transformed their hobbies into thriving businesses. It allows you to make extra money in retirement and adds a sense of purpose and fulfillment to your retirement years. Embrace the opportunity to blend your passion with profit, and you may find your retirement more rewarding than you ever imagined.


4. Part-Time Work

Part-time work allows retirees to stay active in the workforce while enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule. Are open to hiring retirees for part-time positions. A part-time job can provide an additional income stream and a sense of routine and social engagement. Working part-time allows retirees to continue their professional growth and stay updated with industry trends. 

It keeps your skills sharp and adds valuable experience to your retirement years. It allows you to choose positions that align with your interests and abilities, ensuring that you enjoy making extra money in retirement while contributing to your building financial wealth and overall life satisfaction. The combination of income and fulfillment can make your retirement truly rewarding.

Here are some of the most popular part-time jobs for retirees:


  • Retail
  • Customer service 
  • Consulting 
  • Teaching
  • Volunteering


5. Online Businesses

Starting an online business is a viable option for retirees looking to make extra money in retirement. E-commerce stores, blogs, affiliate marketing, and online advertising can all generate passive income streams over time. While building an online presence may require effort and dedication, the potential for financial rewards is substantial.

Whether selling products, sharing your expertise through a blog, or promoting affiliate links, the internet offers countless opportunities to earn money from the comfort of your home. It’s an avenue that allows you to leverage your interests and skills to create a sustainable income source. The flexibility of online business will enable you to set your own pace and work from anywhere, just like remote work.

Here’s an example that provides a brief comparison of different online business options for retirees:


Online Business Model Description Effort Required Potential Earnings
E-commerce Store Selling products online through your own website or platforms like Shopify. High (product sourcing, marketing, customer service) High (depends on niche and products)
Blogging Sharing your expertise or interests through a blog and earning from ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content. Moderate to High (content creation, SEO, promotion) Variable (depends on niche and traffic)
Affiliate Marketing Promoting products or services of other companies and earning a commission for each sale or lead generated through your referral. Moderate (content creation, promotion) Changeable (depends on products and conversion rates)
Online Advertising Creating and monetizing content through platforms like YouTube, where you earn revenue from ads displayed to your audience.

Moderation (content creation, audience building)

Adjustable (depends on audience size and engagement)


Please note that the effort required and potential earnings vary widely based on individual circumstances, niche selection, and marketing strategies. Retirees should choose the online business model that aligns best with their interests, skills, and financial goals to make extra money in retirement.


6. Investments and Dividends

Diversifying your investment portfolio is a prudent move in retirement. While investments carry risks, they can also provide a steady income stream through dividends, interest, and capital gains. Consider investing in high-yield dividend stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to generate additional income.

To navigate the world of investments successfully, working with a financial advisor is advisable. They can help you develop an investment strategy that aligns with your retirement goals and risk tolerance. Properly managed investments can be an essential component of your retirement income plan, providing financial security for the long term.

Here are a few friendly pointers for diving into dividend investments:


  • Begin with companies you know and trust. If they pay dividends, even better!
  • Opt for companies that have consistently paid dividends over the years.
  • It’s great to find stocks with a juicy dividend yield but ensure they’re also financially stable.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your investments across multiple dividend-paying options.


7. Social Security Optimization

Optimizing your social security benefits is a crucial aspect of extra money in retirement. Deciding when to start claiming social security can significantly impact your retirement income. Many retirees must know that delaying their social security claim until their full retirement age or beyond can result in substantially higher monthly payments.

Various strategies, such as “file and suspend,” “claim now, claim more later,” and “restricted application,” can be employed to optimize Social Security benefits. Consulting a financial advisor specializing in retirement planning can help you determine the best approach for your unique circumstances and ensure you maximize your extra money in retirement income. You are staying informed about changes in social security regulations.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your Social Security benefits:


  • Work for at least 35 years. More work years mean a higher Social Security benefit.
  • Wait until your full retirement age. Claiming earlier reduces your help; e.g., at 62, it’s 25% less.
  • Try “file and suspend.” File at full retirement age but delay benefits until 70 for maximum payouts.
  • Consider spousal benefits. If married, you can get lower but still significant income based on your spouse’s earnings.


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In the Final Analysis

In today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, making extra money in retirement is not just a luxury; it’s often a necessity. There are numerous creative ways to supplement your retirement income. Whether you choose freelancing, rental income, pursuing your passions, part-time work, online businesses, investments, or optimizing social security benefits, the key is diversification.

By exploring multiple income sources and investing in your financial future, you can enjoy a more fulfilling and financially secure retirement. Embrace these creative ways to make extra money and make the most of your golden years. Remember that retirement is not just about relaxation; it’s about living life to the fullest while ensuring your financial well-being.

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