Airport lounges are like a peaceful oasis in the chaotic world of travel. And LoungeBuddy wants to be your key to unlocking hundreds of these havens across the globe. But is LoungeBuddy worth it? This LoungeBuddy review will help you decide. With them, you can ditch the airport scramble and unwind in comfort. Browse, compare, and book lounge access in a snap, whether you’re a spur-of-the-moment traveller or a detail-oriented planner.

They even let you reserve passes up to two months in advance, so you can lock in your relaxation time no matter how far out your trip is.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Is this the best way to access airport lounges? 

Let’s dive in and determine if it’s the right fit for you.


What is LoungeBuddy?

LoungeBuddy is an app that allows travellers to access airport lounges worldwide, regardless of their airline or class of service. It’s a straightforward way to add a touch of luxury to your travels, offering amenities like comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, food, and drinks. It features access to over 2,000 lounges in more than 800 airports across 120 countries, demonstrating its extensive global reach. 

This broad coverage ensures you will likely find a comfortable, relaxing spot before your flight, whether from a small city or a central international hub. The convenience of choosing a lounge that suits your needs and the flexibility of no yearly membership requirements make LoungeBuddy a practical choice for occasional and frequent flyers. You can click here to visit the site.

Is LoungeBuddy Worth It


How Does LoungeBuddy Work?

Using LoungeBuddy is simple. After downloading the app, you input your travel details, and the app shows available lounges at your departure or transit airport. The intuitive interface allows for quick navigation and displays detailed information about each lounge’s features and user ratings, helping you decide the best place to relax or work before your flight.

You can then purchase access for a one-time fee, which grants entry without requiring a membership or first-class ticket. This flexibility is ideal for travellers who do not frequently fly or do not wish to commit to costly annual memberships, making luxury travel more accessible to a broader audience. It offers occasional promotions and discounts, enhancing its value and appealing to budget-conscious travellers seeking luxury.

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Benefits of using LoungeBuddy

The main draw is its convenience and the ability to use airport lounges without long-term commitments or expensive airline tickets. This flexibility makes it an excellent option for both frequent flyers and occasional travellers alike. You can enjoy premium airport experiences without the hassle of traditional lounge access programs.

Benefits include – 


  • Easy Access – Allows travellers to book one-time access to airport lounges without requiring memberships, frequent flyer status, or first-class tickets. This feature primarily benefits infrequent flyers who still want to enjoy lounge amenities. It streamlines lounge entry with easy app-based booking and check-in.


  • Cost-Effective – Offers a more affordable way to experience luxury airport lounges than traditional methods, often involving costly memberships or travel class upgrades. This affordability broadens access to luxury travel. Travellers pay for lounge access only when needed, optimizing budgets.


  • Wide Selection – Provides access to a diverse range of airport lounges worldwide, allowing travellers to choose according to their preferences and travel needs. This extensive selection ensures that users find lounges catering to specific dietary, comfort, or business needs. It also allows for more strategic travel planning, enabling users to select lounges based on their layover locations.


  • Comfort and Relaxation – Enhances the travel experience by offering a quiet and comfortable space to relax, with amenities such as Wi-Fi, food, and showers, away from crowded terminal areas. These amenities provide a rejuvenating environment for travellers to rest or catch up on work.



Features of LoungeBuddy

They allow travellers to discover, book, and access airport lounges worldwide. It simplifies the travel experience by providing instant access to lounge amenities without needing memberships or long-term commitments. They offer a user-friendly interface that makes navigating options and securing lounge access effortless and quick.

Here are some of its key features –


  • Instant Booking Confirmation – Receive instant confirmation and immediate access to your chosen airport lounge. No waiting times or delays, ensuring a seamless and relaxing travel experience. Start relaxing immediately at the airport and enjoy a stress-free journey.


  • Mobile Wallet Integration – Conveniently store your booking confirmations and lounge passes in your mobile wallet. Easily access your passes with a single tap on your smartphone. Keep all your travel essentials in one place for easy access, simplifying your travel preparations.


  • Lounge Details – Get comprehensive information on each lounge’s amenities, photos, reviews, and more. Make informed decisions by exploring user ratings and detailed descriptions. Know what to expect before you arrive, ensuring you choose the best lounge for your needs.


  • Search and Filter – Find lounges based on your needs, whether free Wi-Fi, showers, meals, or specific amenities. Customize your search to locate the perfect lounge that suits your preferences and travel requirements. Ensure every aspect of your airport experience meets your standards.



How Much Does LoungeBuddy Cost?

Its cost varies depending on your chosen airport lounge and the amenities offered. Prices typically range from $8 per person, although most lounges cost between $26 and $61 per person. Still, some premium lounges may charge higher fees. They often provide discounts and promotions, so watch for special deals. 

Here are some examples to give you a better understanding of the pricing structure –


Example 1 – London Heathrow (LHR)

  • Lounge – Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Price – $50 per visit
  • Amenities – Complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, showers, comfortable seating, and workspaces.


Example 2 – New York JFK (JFK)

  • Lounge – Wingtips Lounge
  • Price – $45 per visit
  • Amenities – Snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, reading materials, and quiet areas for relaxation.


Example 3 – Los Angeles (LAX)

  • Lounge – The Centurion Lounge
  • Price – $75 per visit
  • Amenities – Gourmet dining, premium drinks, high-speed Wi-Fi, showers, and family rooms.


Example 4 – Tokyo Narita (NRT)

  • Lounge – Narita Premier Lounge
  • Price – $40 per visit
  • Amenities – Light meals, beverages, internet access, and international newspapers and magazines.


Example 5 – Dubai International (DXB)

  • Lounge – Marhaba Lounge
  • Price – $60 per visit
  • Amenities – Buffet meals, alcoholic beverages, shower facilities, and nap rooms.


It offers flexible, cost-effective lounge access without long-term commitments or expensive airline tickets, making it ideal for all travellers.

Using your American Express® Green Card to book access through LoungeBuddy, you can earn up to $100 in statement credits per calendar year. It means you can get up to four lounge visits free of charge. 

That’s quite generous for a card with only a $150 annual fee and many other perks, including up to a $189 CLEAR Plus credit if you pay for your membership using your card.

You can check LoungeBuddy’s website for real-time pricing and availability.


Why use Airport Lounges?

Airport lounges provide a peaceful retreat from the bustling terminal areas, offering amenities that enhance the travel experience. Comfortable seating allows travellers to relax away from the crowded gates, while complimentary food and beverages, ranging from snacks to full meals and a variety of drinks, offer sustenance and relaxation without the extra cost of airport concessions. 

For those needing to stay productive, lounges provide workspaces with Wi-Fi and charging stations. Features like showers and nap rooms are invaluable for freshening up during long layovers, especially for international travellers. Prices for lounge access can vary, with options like offering single entry for as low as $26, a cost-effective solution compared to traditional lounge memberships.

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How to Use LoungeBuddy Effectively

You can book access to various airport lounges worldwide using the web portal. They provide real-time availability and pricing, ensuring you get the best options for your travel needs. You can also read reviews and see photos of lounges to make an informed decision. 

Here’s a simple step to using this on your phone –


  • Open the app and tap “Purchase Access” on the home screen.
  • Select your airport from the list and browse available lounges.
  • Tap “Get Access” and then select “Get Access Now.”
  • Enter the number of guests to see the final rate.
  • Enter your American Express card information.
  • Tap “Complete Purchase” to finalize your booking.
  • Show the confirmation code to the lounge desk agent within one hour of your reservation time.


Following these steps, you can easily access airport lounges and enhance your travel experience.


Which Airports Have the Perks?

It opens the doors to more than 200 global lounges, from Atlanta to Armenia to Australia and beyond. To see a participating lounge at your airport, check the comprehensive list of LoungeBuddy locations or search for your airport on their website. It also offers real-time availability and pricing, making finding and booking a lounge that fits your travel schedule easy.

To give you an idea, here’s a look at how many lounges you’ll find in 2024 –


Airport Lounges Bookable on LoungeBuddy Price Range in 2024
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (U.S.) 2 $45-$55
Beijing Capital International (China) 2 $29-$45
Dubai International (United Arab Emirates) 10 $40-$60
London Heathrow (United Kingdom) 5 $45-$75
Hong Kong International (China) 3 $60-$70
Paris-Charles De Gaulle (France) 1 $65
Frankfurt am Main Airport (Germany) 4 $65-$80
Dallas/Fort Worth International (U.S.) 3 $40-$50
Singapore Changi International (Singapore) 5 $35-$50


Remember, this is just a snapshot. Its network constantly expands, so check the website for the most up-to-date information before your next trip!


LoungeBuddy vs. Priority Pass

While LoungeBuddy and Priority Pass offer access to airport lounges, fundamental differences exist. Priority Pass requires a membership, whereas LoungeBuddy offers pay-per-use access without membership, making it more flexible for occasional travellers. Priority Pass boasts a broader network of lounges, but LoungeBuddy excels in providing detailed information and user reviews. 

For example, LoungeBuddy access to the Plaza Premium Lounge at London Heathrow costs $50, while the Centurion Lounge at LAX is $75. In contrast, Priority Pass membership ranges from $99 to $429 annually, depending on the level of access.

Here’s a detailed comparison to highlight the differences –


Feature LoungeBuddy Priority Pass
Membership Not required, pay-per-use Required annual fees ($99 – $429)
Lounge Availability Extensive, with detailed information and reviews Broader network of lounges globally
Flexibility Ideal for occasional travellers Best for frequent flyers
Example Pricing $50 (Plaza Premium LHR), $75 (Centurion LAX) Annual membership plus per-visit fees (e.g., $32 per visit)
Information Provided Detailed amenities, photos, user reviews General lounge listings, fewer user reviews
Promotions/Discounts Occasional discounts and promotions Fixed annual fee, occasional access discounts


Customer Support

It provides robust customer support through its app and website. Users can access FAQs, submit queries, and get assistance with bookings. The app also offers real-time updates and notifications about your lounge access. Users can contact customer support via email or phone for personalized assistance. 

The support team promptly resolves issues and ensures a smooth experience. They also guide lounge policies and membership programs, helping users maximize their lounge visits. The team provides real-time assistance to address any concerns during travel. With their expertise, travellers can enjoy a seamless and stress-free lounge experience.

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Customer Ratings

It has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars based on user reviews on Trustpilot, with a TrustScore. While some users appreciate the app’s ease of use and comprehensive lounge information, others have reported mixed experiences. Positive feedback highlights the detailed lounge information, real-time updates, and convenient booking process.

Users often praise the app for its detailed lounge information, real-time updates, and convenient booking process. There are concerns about customer support and booking issues. It provides valuable services, but user experiences vary. Some users highlight improving response times and issue resolution to enhance overall satisfaction.


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy varies by lounge and booking. Generally, cancellations made within 24 hours of booking may be eligible for a refund. It’s essential to review each lounge’s specific terms and conditions before booking. Some lounges may offer a full refund if cancelled within a specified period, while others might charge a small cancellation fee. 

Make sure to check for any non-refundable bookings to avoid surprises. 

Here’s a sample of potential pricing and cancellation policies –


Lounge Name Price per Visit Cancellation Window Cancellation Fee Refund Eligibility
A $26 Within 24 hours of booking No fee Full refund
B $30 Up to 12 hours before the visit $5 fee Partial refund
C $40 Up to 6 hours before the visit No fee Full refund
D $35 Non-refundable Full booking amount charged No refund


These policies are examples, and actual terms may vary by lounge.


Is LoungeBuddy’s Application Available?

Yes, the application is available for iOS. You can download it from the Apple App Store, ensuring easy accessibility for many users. LoungeBuddy provides detailed information about airport lounges, including amenities, access requirements, and user reviews. 

It also offers the convenience of booking lounge access directly through the app. Travellers can enhance their airport experience by finding and accessing the best lounges worldwide. The app also includes exclusive deals and discounts for select lounges, making it a valuable tool for frequent travellers.


Comparing LoungeBuddy to Other Loyalty Programs

They stand out for their flexibility and ease of use compared to traditional loyalty programs like Priority Pass, American Express Global Lounge Collection, and DragonPass. Unlike these programs, which often require long-term commitments, elite status, or high annual fees, LoungeBuddy offers pay-per-use access without memberships, making it accessible to all travellers. 

For example, Priority Pass lounge access charges annual fees ranging from $99 to $429, while AmEx Global Lounge Collection requires specific high-fee cards. DragonPass offers various membership plans but needs more flexibility from LoungeBuddy’s straightforward approach and transparent pricing, making it a compelling option for many. You can enjoy premium airport experiences without the commitment or high cost of traditional programs.


In a Nutshell

If you’re a traveller who craves peace at the airport, LoungeBuddy might be your new best friend. Whether it’s worth the price depends on how often you travel and how much you value extra comfort during those journeys. If you only fly a few times a year and want to treat yourself to a calmer travel experience. They’re also perfect for long layovers, where a few hours of lounge bliss can make your arrival much smoother.

It’s worth checking out!

If you’re a frequent traveller who’s always exploring new and beautiful cities and thinking about making one of them your home, we’re here to help you make that dream a reality – smoothly and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much does LoungeBuddy cost?

LoungeBuddy offers access to airport lounges for a range of prices, typically between $8 per person, although most lounges cost between $26 and $61 per person. Depending on the lounge and its amenities. Some premium lounges may have higher fees. Prices can vary by location and the specific services provided by each lounge.


Do any cards offer LoungeBuddy credit?

Yes, cards like the American Express® Green Card offer up to $100 in statement credits per year for LoungeBuddy purchases, covering up to four visits annually.


Do I have to have an American Express credit card to buy a LoungeBuddy Pass?

No, you can purchase a LoungeBuddy Pass using various payment methods, including major credit cards and mobile payment options, not limited to American Express.


You can visit the official website by clicking here to explore additional details.


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