Hong Kong will ease pandemic-related restrictions for people travelling in tour groups this month, a step that has been taken to actively welcome tourists back to the city.

Visitors will be allowed in tour groups to enter several tourist attractions, such as museums, temples, and theme parks while allowing them to eat food in ‘partitioned areas’ in certain restaurants. Tour groups need to be booked through licensed travel agents with pre-registered itineraries for them to be eligible.

The government mentioned in an advisory “that under the principle of striking a balance between epidemic risks and the need for economic development and considering that the inbound tour group travelers concerned would be received and assisted to carry out tourist activities in compliance with anti-epidemic measures by travel agents and accompanies by licensed tourist guides, specific arrangements for inbound tour group travelers will be launched this month.

“The relevant arrangements can support the gradual resumption of the inbound travel market in an orderly manner and provide a more favorable business environment for the travel trade.”

Hong Kong is taking this decision to make things easier for travelers in tour groups after weeks of eliminating the 3-day hotel quarantine rule. Instead, the government has issued a “0+3” policy where travelers will be self-monitoring their symptoms for three days, even from home. During this period, they can step outside but won’t be allowed to visit certain places, including restaurants and bars.

Mandatory PCR testing before boarding flights has also been ended. Travelers can now opt for a rapid antigen test at least 24 hours before their time to board. However, they must undergo a series of PCR tests upon arrival and rapid antigen tests every day for at least seven days.

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