Managing rental properties can be a major headache, especially if you want a vacation. Remote workers who juggle properties need help managing multiple tasks efficiently. It’s not just the day-to-day stuff; it’s that nagging worry that something will go sideways while you’re halfway across the world. There’s good news! Tech can seriously lighten the load with tools, from finding decent tenants to fixing leaky faucets.

You’re sipping something fruity on the beach or conquering some epic trail, and your phone buzzes. It’s not a crisis; your management app keeps you updated. That’s the kind of peace of mind we’re talking about.

Ready for the good stuff? Let’s dive into the best tools and apps for remote workers. With these in your pocket, your properties will practically run themselves, giving you the freedom and flexibility to wander wherever you please!


1. Property Management Software

They provide remote property managers with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline various aspects of managing rental properties. These platforms generally offer capabilities that include tenant screening, rent collection, lease management, and maintenance requests. They include financial tools like expense tracking and reporting, which are essential for maintaining profitability and compliance.

Managing Rental Properties



It is a comprehensive property management solution for residential and commercial properties. It offers a full suite of services, including tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance request management. Over 20,000 property management professionals currently use Buildium to streamline their operations. The platform also offers detailed financial analytics for effective global finance management.



They provide a robust property management platform with features catering to various management needs. From online rent payments (where they see over $2 billion processed annually!) and maintenance cycle management to accounting and compliance, AppFolio makes managing rental properties a breeze for remote workers. Its mobile app lets you easily manage properties and communicate with tenants from anywhere.


2. Communication Tools

Practical communication tools are essential for remote property managers to maintain timely and clear communication with tenants, contractors, and team members. These tools facilitate various forms of interaction, from instant messaging and email to video conferencing, ensuring managers can promptly and effectively address issues and inquiries regardless of location.



Initially designed for workplace communication, it has proven invaluable for property managers needing to keep in touch with teams and tenants. Its ability to create separate channels for different properties or issues ensures that all communications are organized and easily accessible. This efficiency boosts tenant satisfaction, with surveys showing a 10% or more increase when managers use Slack.



For direct and instant communication, this is a global favorite. Its widespread use makes it convenient for property managers to connect with tenants for quick updates, emergencies, or general inquiries. According to Statista, WhatsApp boasts over 2 billion active users worldwide, underscoring its effectiveness and reliability as a communication tool in various industries, including property management.


3. Financial Management Apps

For remote property managers to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records, financial management applications are critical. These apps help streamline financial processes such as tracking rental payments, managing expenses, and preparing financial reports. Their design enhances the efficiency of financial operations. They ensure compliance with accounting standards and simplify tax preparation.


QuickBooks Online

The financial aspects of managing rental properties can be complex, but QuickBooks Online simplifies this with its robust accounting features tailored for property management. Over 80% of users report that it has significantly improved their financial understanding of rental properties. Track expenses, manage invoices, and prepare financial reports from your mobile device or laptop.



Its offer is unmatched for tracking receipts and expenses on the go. Snap a photo of a receipt, and the app automatically categorizes and adds it to your expense report, making it ideal for busy property managers. This seamless process eliminates the hassle of lost receipts and simplifies record-keeping, especially during tax season. It ensures you have accurate data at your fingertips for smarter financial decisions. 

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4. Security and Monitoring

Security and monitoring are paramount concerns for remote property managers, necessitating practical tools and systems to safeguard their managing rental properties. From smart locks to comprehensive security systems, these solutions offer remote access and real-time monitoring, empowering managers to protect their properties and respond swiftly to security issues or emergencies.



Nest’s smart home technology, including cameras and thermostats, offers remote property managers peace of mind. Monitor your properties in real-time and receive alerts for any unusual activity, no matter where you are. Plus, with intelligent settings to adjust temperatures automatically, you can save money on energy costs, making your investment work for you efficiently.



Ring’s is the best home video doorbell system, and security cameras allow you to see who is coming and going from your properties, providing an added layer of security and convenience for managing access. It is beneficial for managing rental properties with high tenant turnover. Remotely monitor move-ins and move-outs and even grant temporary access to service providers from anywhere. 


5. Tenant Screening and Management

Effective tenant screening and management are essential for remote property managers to maintain a smooth rental process. These tools facilitate thorough background checks, credit screenings, and lease management, ensuring reliable tenants and efficient communication. These resources streamline tenant selection and nurture positive landlord-tenant relationships, even remotely.



It simplifies the tenant screening process by offering comprehensive background and credit checks. It also facilitates rent collection, making it easy for tenants to pay online and for managers to track payments without fuss. Plus, its automated late fee reminders help maintain on-time payments, reducing the need for awkward conversations. Cozy keeps you and your tenants organized, ensuring a smoother rental experience. 



They provide a versatile property management solution for remote managers. Conveniently handle tenant management tasks like lease tracking, rent collection, and maintenance request processing. Offers a personal portal for tenants, improving overall remote work communication and satisfaction while streamlining processes for you. Its robust reporting features provide valuable insights into your property’s performance.


6. Task Automation and Scheduling

Task automation tools are indispensable for remote property managers seeking to streamline operations and maximize productivity. These tools enable managers to automate repetitive tasks, set reminders for important deadlines, and allocate resources efficiently. These tools allow managers to ensure timely completion of essential tasks, freeing time for strategic planning and decision-making.



It is a powerful tool for property managers who must keep track of maintenance schedules, inspections, and other recurring tasks. It helps organize tasks, set deadlines, and assign duties to team members or contractors, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Asana’s customizable boards and templates offer a visual way to manage workflows, boosting productivity and efficiency.


IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT can be a powerful time-saver for property managers, automating repetitive tasks by creating conditional statements or “applets.” Users report saving an average of 3-5 hours per week with IFTTT’s automation capabilities. For example, automate rent collection and lease renewal reminders, syncing seamlessly with your other management tools. With 700+ connections, streamline property management endlessly.

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7. Document Storage and Access

Document storage solutions are indispensable for remote property managers seeking to organize and access crucial documents from anywhere. These tools provide secure cloud-based storage for lease agreements, tenant information, invoices, and other essential documents. Easy access and robust sharing features enable smooth collaboration, ensuring vital documents are readily available.


Google Drive

It offers a secure and accessible place to store lease agreements, tenant information, invoices, and other crucial documents. It’s the perfect cloud-based solution for property managers, with over 80% reporting improved organization after switching to Google Drive. Accessible from anywhere, it allows for easy sharing and collaboration, streamlining communication between property managers, maintenance teams, and tenants.



They provide a reliable cloud storage solution that property managers trust. Its strong file organization and sharing capabilities make it a favorite for document-heavy property management tasks. Over 75% of property managers find document collaboration significantly easier with Dropbox. With its offline access feature, you can view and edit your crucial property files even when you don’t have an internet connection. 


8. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Remote property managers rely on real-time reporting and analytics tools to promptly gain actionable insights into their day-to-day operations. These tools offer instant access to key performance metrics, enabling data-driven decisions. With real-time data, managers can optimize occupancy rates, monitor financial performance, and identify areas for improvement efficiently.



It is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for property managers. It delivers real-time reporting features that help property managers gain insights into operational performance. Analyze occupancy rates, financial status, and other critical metrics from anywhere. Its users experience a 20% increase in visibility into their rental business, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for greater profitability.



This cloud-based property management software offers powerful tools for real-time business intelligence and performance analytics. It allows managers to make informed decisions based on the latest data. Its intuitive interface simplifies complex tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategic growth and profitability. Gain actionable insights into your rental business with customizable reports and dashboards.

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9. Legal Compliance and Updates

Staying compliant with legal regulations is paramount for remote property managers to avoid legal issues and maintain the integrity of their rental operations. Legal compliance and update tools provide access to the latest legal forms, lease agreements, and eviction notices tailored for real estate operations. Ensure compliance with local laws, minimizing risks and facilitating smooth property management.



It provides a range of legal forms tailored explicitly for real estate operations, including lease agreements and eviction notices. It ensures that you stay compliant with rental property laws and regulations. Studies indicate that landlords using LawDepot reduce their risk of legal disputes by up to 35%. Plus, their user-friendly templates can save you hours compared to drafting legal documents from scratch. 



They help remote property managers stay up-to-date with local real estate laws and regulations. It also offers automatic rent adjustment calculations based on local legal requirements. Avail users report a 20% increase in confidence when navigating complex rental laws. Additionally, its streamlined process can free up an average of 2-3 hours per week for property managers. 


10. Online Marketing and Listing Management

Remote property managers must use marketing and listing tools to advertise their managing rental properties effectively and attract potential tenants. These tools facilitate the creation and syndication of property listings across various online platforms, maximizing visibility and engagement. They provide features for tracking leads, communicating with prospects, and managing the rental application process.


Zillow Rental Manager

A marketing powerhouse for managing rental properties, it allows you to create syndicated listings across multiple rental platforms to maximize exposure. Studies show that listings created with Zillow Rental Manager receive 2-3 times more views on average than those listed only on individual sites. Its vast reach helps attract the ideal tenant pool, minimizing vacancy times and increasing rental income.



It offers tools for listing management, advertising rentals, tracking leads, and communicating with potential tenants. It’s a comprehensive marketing tool that streamlines promotion, boosts visibility, and helps fill vacancies faster. Property managers using Hemlane report an average of a 15% reduction in vacancy time, getting you back to earning rental income sooner.


Final Note

The key to managing rental properties from afar is finding that sweet spot between tech and good old-fashioned strategy. The right tools and apps can streamline your workload, keep tenants happy, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Think of it as leveling up your remote work game – with these systems in place. Those management headaches can become a chance to grow your business and nail that whole work-life balance.

Managing rental properties while exploring the world and cities can be an exhilarating experience. As you browse property listings on your phone screen 📱, you contemplate potential purchases. 

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