The most common way of working remotely is by simply working from home. A good chunk of people also work for companies that are open to home-based workers, or they have friends or family they can easily commute to. However, some jobs require more than driving a few hours to the office.

The cost of living and availability of public transportation will be critical factors if you plan on commuting via bus or train (as opposed to biking/walking/car). Your food options are crucial, too, if you’re looking to save money while working on the road. Even something you wouldn’t think of at first glance, like access to gyms/fitness centers or laundromats, can impact your daily life as a full-time remote worker.

Impact of good environment on remote workers

Many factors create a suitable environment for remote workers: ergonomic office chairs, table lamps with dimmer switches, and the absence of noise and distractions. These factors play a significant role in remote workers’ productivity. But apart from it, all it needs is an excellent environment to work in. During the past couple of years, companies provided ease to their employees for convenient remote work. As a result, it has evolved many cities within its charm and has now been regarded as the best for working remotely.

Below is the list of cities for remote workers, and see if any might be right for you!

Morgantown, WV

Home to West Virginia University, Morgantown is a fun college town with all kinds of opportunities for those who favor nightlife, oversleeping in their bed every night. There’s even a company here that offers housing assistance to employees! The city has its stop on the Amtrak service, and there are bus networks. One downside to this city is the winters, but there are plenty of entertainment and food choices to make up for it!

Norfolk, VA

Though most consider Virginia Beach the hub for the area, Norfolk offers much better housing options, making it a better choice for those looking at their cost of living ratio. In addition, several major companies here have satellite locations in Virginia Beach, for instance, so if you are working remotely for one of these companies, you can choose where you want your home base to be within the state.

Salt Lake City Utah

An excellent place for those who want natural beauty, Salt Lake City, offers a lot of outdoor recreation and has been named one of the healthiest cities in America. A public transit system runs through most of the city, and there are even free bikes to ride! Though you will have to deal with winter weather, you can still find housing for under $1000 per month.

San Antonio, TX

Though the cost of living in San Antonio is nearly 10% higher than the national average, you can get by with $1300 per month for housing. There’s plenty to do without ever leaving town (especially if you like history), and it’s also close to Mexico, which has its own unique cuisine/entertainment options to enjoy. Plus, if you love Fiesta Texas, this is your place!

New York

New York City is a hub for professions and one of the most exciting places on Earth to live, work, and play. Suppose you’re up for a career around sales or entertainment (the city is home to publishing houses/record labels/television networks, and even the New York Knicks!). In that case, this might be a great place to consider. But, of course, you can always commute via bus or train for those days you need time to yourself at home, and we’re sure your friends would love having you visit them more often!

Philadelphia, PA

Not everyone wants to live in a college town. Philadelphia is an old city with plenty of historic charm that also has plenty of modern amenities. There’s public transportation available, and housing isn’t too expensive either if you don’t mind sharing a room. Plus, Philly has its delicious take on cheesesteaks.

Houston, TX

Though Houston has a high cost of living overall, the average housing price is still under $1500. The city has a great number of major corporations (including NASA) and offers access to some of the most excellent museums on the planet! There’s plenty of public transportation available, but Uber will be your best bet if you’d like to get around without worrying about parking/gas money. Finally, there are lots of great restaurants here too.

Boulder, CO

There’s no denying that natural beauty makes Boulder one of the most popular cities on our list. Still, it also happens to be very affordable (the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $950). The University of Colorado and several companies, a good advantage for remote workers to get a job in an office here. There’s plenty to do outdoors (skiing/hiking/biking), and winter doesn’t keep residents cooped up either, thanks to all the available indoor entertainment options!

Seattle, WA

Seattle offers serious scenery: mountains on one side and the Puget Sound. There’s no state income tax (and even some significant tax breaks with proper documentation). Unfortunately, the average rent here is over $1500 for a one-bedroom apartment. Still, if you want something cheaper, you can always look outside of town (the public transportation system isn’t as good as some other options on our list, so you might want to drive).

San Francisco, CA

Obviously, more than housing goes into the cost of living and working remotely (taxes and transportation also factor in), but we had to include San Francisco because it’s one of the most expensive cities in America anyway. Though the average price for a one-bedroom apartment is nearly $2500 per month, there are plenty of ways to make it work: telecommute or find a roommate/sublet via Craigslist or Airbnb.

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