We all crave moments of peace and connection with the great outdoors. Forget stuffy hotels; this Campspace review offers fresh air for those seeking a unique escape. Whether you dream of sleeping under a blanket of stars or snuggling up in a charming treehouse, it has something for every outdoor lover. Gone are the days of scrambling to find the perfect camping spot.

They make it simple! Finding campsites near you, check availability with a few clicks, and book your adventure. Is this truly about finding the perfect spots for you?

Let’s dissect this exploration fully and see.


What is Campspace?

Campspace has emerged as a pivotal platform, bridging the gap between adventurous travellers and private landowners who offer unparalleled camping experiences. Boasting over 500,000 nights booked and an extensive network of 50,000 campsites spanning Europe and beyond, it solidifies its position as a leader in the outdoor hospitality domain, revolutionizing how they perceive and engage with camping.

The core of Campspace lies in its ability to foster and deepen a community feeling among those drawn to the tranquillity and serenity of nature and those offering picturesque, private, and idyllic retreats. It moves beyond the standard camping experience, crafting a deeper connection between individuals and the natural world. You can also click here to book your camping adventure from Camspace.

Campspace Review

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Campspace’s Story

Campspace wasn’t born out of a grand design but emerged from a simple act of kindness. Back in 2016, while Alexander and Robin were on a campervan adventure, they were graciously welcomed by Beth, a generous landowner who offered them a picturesque spot on her property.

This encounter, characterized by the harmonious blend of nature and genuine human connection, planted the seed for what would later become Campspace. Inspired by this heartwarming experience, Alexander took the initiative to establish Campspace upon returning home.

Over time, the platform has flourished, attracting a community of over 500,000 users who seek unique outdoor accommodations and share a commitment to sustainable tourism practices.

Today, Campspace continues cultivating meaningful connections between travellers and hosts, fostering memorable experiences rooted in an appreciation for nature and local hospitality.


How Does Campspace Function?

Campspace lets travellers discover and reserve unique outdoor accommodations, like tents or treehouses, hosted by private landowners. It’s perfect for those craving an authentic nature escape. Owners list their spaces, set their own rules, and set their prices, ensuring a personalized camping adventure. This connection encourages environmental consciousness and local involvement, enhancing the travel experience.

Explorers can browse, book, and immerse themselves in nature’s wonders. This approach advocates for sustainable travel and respectful engagement with the environment, fostering an even more profound love and appreciation for our planet’s delicate ecosystems. It also offers abundant opportunities for personal growth and learning amidst diverse natural landscapes.


Benefits of Book Camping from Campspace

It is a beautiful way for folks to connect with nature, relax, and make cherished memories. You’re in for a real adventure when you book a camping trip through Campspace! You’ll stumble upon hidden gems and form unforgettable bonds with nature. Campspace links you with unique outdoor spots, helping you develop a more profound love for the outdoors.

Here are several benefits – 


  • Unique Experience – Booking camping sites allows travellers to immerse themselves in nature, away from crowded tourist spots, providing a unique and tranquil experience for genuine relaxation, connection, and rejuvenation.


  • Personalized Settings – This option allows for customization, enabling campers to select their preferred camping location, whether by a lake, in a forest, or atop a mountain. It tailors the experience to individual preferences and creates unforgettable memories.


  • Eco-Friendly – Camping promotes eco-conscious travel by minimizing the environmental impact compared to traditional accommodation options. It encourages sustainability and responsible tourism practices that contribute to preserving natural ecosystems.


  • Community Connection – Campspace fosters connections between travellers and local hosts, promoting cultural exchange and offering insights into the region’s customs, traditions, and hidden gems. It enhances travel with genuine interactions and hospitality.



Features of Campspace

It offers several features that make it an attractive platform for booking camping experiences – from its diverse selection of camping spots to its unique accommodations and local hosts. Campspace prioritizes community engagement, fostering connections between campers and hosts through its online platform and events.

Here are several features – 


  • Diverse Selection – Campspace boasts diverse camping spots, ranging from private gardens to remote wilderness locations. This variety ensures campers can find the perfect setting for their outdoor adventure. Campers can pick between secluded or social camping to suit their preferences.


  • Unique Accommodations – Besides traditional tent camping, Campspace offers a range of exceptional accommodations, such as treehouses, yurts, and camper vans. Alternative lodging options offer campers a unique, adventurous experience.


  • Local Hosts – It connects campers with local hosts who open up their properties for camping. Hosts offer valuable insights on outdoor activities, attractions, and amenities. Staying with a local host enhances the camping experience authentically.


  • Community Engagement – Campspace fosters community among campers and hosts through its online platform. Campers can leave reviews and ratings for their camping experiences, and events are hosted for outdoor enthusiasts to connect.



Pricing and Fees

Its pricing varies depending on the location, accommodation type, and amenities the host offers. Hosts can set their rates, ranging from budget-friendly to more upscale options. Campspace charges a service fee for each booking, which helps cover the cost of maintaining the platform and providing customer support. They offer hassle-free booking with transparent pricing.


Accommodation Type Location Amenities Price per Night Service Fee
Basic Tent Site Woodland Retreat Fire pit, picnic table, portable toilet $25 $5
Glamping Tent Lakeside Haven Queen bed, electricity, private deck $75 $10
Treehouse Mountain Escape Loft bed, hammock, outdoor shower $100 $15
Backyard Camping Urban Oasis Access to bathroom, WiFi, grill $35 $7
Riverside Cabin Secluded Riverfront Kitchenette, hot tub, river views $150 $20


Please note that the prices and fees listed above are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect actual rates on Campspace. Hosts can set their prices, and service fees may vary depending on the booking platform’s policies.

You can also check the updated pricing directly on Camspace.


Popular Countries for Camping Adventures on Campspace

A world of unique camping experiences nestled within Europe’s vibrant urban landscapes with Campspace. From tranquil retreats amidst lush greenery to cozy spots near the heart of bustling cities, Campspace offers various camping options to suit every traveller’s preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the picturesque canals, historic streets, or romantic allure of Europe’s iconic cities, Campspace allows urban adventurers to immerse themselves in nature without straying too far from the excitement.

Here is the list of camping options available –



From canal-side camping in Amsterdam to forest retreats near Berlin, Campspace offers urban adventurers the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature without straying too far from the bustling energy of these iconic cities.


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Customer Ratings

It highly regards the feedback provided by its users. With over 1 million reviews available, campers can find detailed information on a campground’s amenities, cleanliness, location, and atmosphere. The high average rating of 4.6 stars indicates positive experiences. This wealth of feedback reflects Campspace’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Over 90% of campgrounds are rated above 4 stars, ensuring confident booking. Reading individual reviews provides further insight, helping campers find the ideal spot to enjoy the great outdoors. These ratings empower campers to make informed decisions and enhance their overall camping experience. By leveraging the collective wisdom of fellow campers, travellers can discover hidden gems and unforgettable destinations.

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Cancellation Policy

It offers flexible cancellation policies, catering to travellers’ changing needs. Depending on the host’s terms, campers may enjoy free cancellations up to a specific date or partial refunds for cancellations made within a specified timeframe. This flexibility provides peace of mind when planning camping adventures. Campspace assures travellers can confidently book and adjust plans as needed with tailored options.

Here’s the breakdown of the cancellation policy – 


Cancellation Policy Description
Free Cancellation Campers can cancel their booking free of charge up to 7 days before the check-in date.
Partial Refund It receives a 50% refund for cancellations between 7 and 3 days before check-in.
Flexible Cancellation Campers can cancel their booking up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund.
Moderate Cancellation It receives a full refund for cancellations made at least 14 days before check-in.
Strict Cancellation Campers receive no refund for cancellations made less than 7 days before check-in.


These policies provide travelers various options depending on their preferences and plans, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind when booking camping adventures through Campspace.


Customer Support

Campspace is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. With a friendly and responsive support team, they ensure a seamless and enjoyable camping experience. Over 95% of customer inquiries are resolved within 24 hours, guaranteeing prompt and efficient assistance. It values feedback and continuously seeks to improve its services based on valuable user input.

You can quickly contact them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and assistance throughout your camping journey. Their comprehensive FAQ section also promptly addresses common queries, offering quick solutions anytime, anywhere. It consistently updates its engaging social media channels with helpful tips, recommendations, and inspiring stories from fellow campers.


Comparison of Campspace with Other Camp Booking Platforms

Regarding camping platforms, Campspace stands out for its dedication to offering unique, off-the-beaten-path accommodations. While other platforms like Hipcamp and Tentrr may have a broader selection of traditional campsites and RV parks, Campspace provides experiences tailored to adventurous travellers looking for something extraordinary.

While platforms such as Glamping Hub and Airbnb offer alternative lodging options, Campspace sets itself apart by fostering connections between campers and local hosts, resulting in authentic natural experiences. What truly makes Campspace unique is its strong commitment to sustainability and community engagement, ensuring every camping adventure is memorable and environmentally conscious.


Final Thoughts

It offers a refreshing take on camping by providing travellers access to a diverse range of unique accommodations in picturesque natural settings. With its user-friendly platform, flexible booking options, and commitment to sustainability, it has earned its place as a leading choice for those seeking unforgettable outdoor experiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the world of outdoor adventures, it offers something special for everyone. 

So why wait? Start planning your next nature getaway with Campspace today!


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