Traveling is fantastic, but dealing with luggage? Not so much. Dragging it around, the fees, the chance it might get lost. It’s a hassle! Luggage Forward is supposed to take all the pain out of it by shipping your bags straight to your destination. It sounds pretty cool, but how does it work? This luggage forward review aims to uncover its effective, reliable, and convenient services to suit all travelers’ needs.

Below, you will learn how this service works and how it differs from other shipping services.


What is Luggage Forward?

Luggage Forward, a door-to-door luggage and gear shipping service since 2004, ensures hassle-free travel by transporting your bags directly from your home to your hotel, cruise ship, golf course, or holiday home. With a 99% on-time delivery rate, they eliminate the need to carry heavy luggage through airports. Their comprehensive insurance options provide peace of mind, covering your belongings throughout your journey.

Boasting a long history of reliable services, they have a global reach, delivering to over 200 countries and territories and allowing you to travel anywhere without luggage worries. Their user-friendly platform simplifies the booking process, offering transparent pricing and easy tracking of your items. Their customer service team ensures a smooth, stress-free experience from start to finish.

To ship your luggage effortlessly, visit the Luggage Forward website today.

Luggage Forward Review


How Does Luggage Forward Work?

The process is straightforward. You start by booking the service online, selecting your pickup and delivery dates, and detailing the items you want to ship. This online platform is user-friendly, providing clear guidance and tips for preparing your luggage for shipping. It then dispatches a courier to collect your luggage from your home, office, or any location, offering flexible pickup times to suit your schedule.

Your items are shipped to your destination, where they await your arrival patiently. This service includes efficient custom handling and clearance, ensuring a hassle-free process for international destinations. Throughout this process, you can diligently track your luggage in real time. It provides steady progress and an accurately estimated arrival time, with informative updates sent directly to your phone or email.


Benefits of Shipping with Luggage Forward

Shipping luggage with Luggage Forward offers several benefits compared to traditional methods of carrying luggage while traveling. You can ship almost any type of luggage, including sports equipment, musical instruments, and specialty items, avoiding the usual airline restrictions.

Here are several advantages – 


  • Travel Light – Enjoy the journey without carrying heavy bags, navigating through airports, or worrying about airline baggage fees. It liberates you from the traditional hassles of travel, allowing you to move more freely and enjoy your trip.


  • Track Your Bags – Luggage Forward meticulously tracks your shipped items, giving you complete peace of mind and the ability to monitor your luggage’s journey actively. This feature guarantees transparency and keeps you fully informed throughout.


  • On-Time Guarantee – They offer a guarantee that your luggage will arrive on time, or they will refund the service cost and provide up to $500 to cover any immediate needs. This commitment to punctuality underscores the reliability of their service.


  • Premium Service – Personalized customer service ensures your shipping needs are met with meticulous attention and dedicated care. This thorough approach fosters trust and security, making your travel experience seamless and stress-free.



Types of Shipping Services of Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward offers various shipping services tailored to travellers’ needs and preferences. They cater to varying timelines and destinations conveniently and reliably, from standard to express options.

These may include – 


  • Cruise Luggage Shipping – Ship your bags directly to your cruise ship and have them waiting in your cabin. This service simplifies your boarding process and lets you start your vacation when you step on the boat without juggling multiple pieces of luggage.



  • Ship Golf Clubs – Avoid the hassle of carrying your clubs through the airport by shipping them directly to the golf course. It ensures that your clubs are handled carefully and arrive in time for your tee-off, allowing you to enjoy your golf vacation from the outset.



  • Ship Skis – Enjoy the slopes without the inconvenience of transporting your ski gear. By shipping your skis ahead, you can bypass long lines at the airport and head straight to the mountain upon arrival. Ensures safe, pristine delivery of ski gear.



  • Ship a Bike – Have your bike shipped to your cycling destination hassle-free. This service ensures your bike arrives safely and on time, allowing you to explore new terrains without the stress of airline bike fees or packaging.



  • Ship Luggage Internationally – They handle customs and international shipping regulations for you. It removes the complexity and worry of international travel, ensuring your belongings arrive safely regardless of the destination.



  • Stroller & Car Seat Shipping – Make family travel easier by shipping bulky items ahead. This service mainly benefits parents traveling with young children, ensuring that essential items like strollers and car seats are waiting upon arrival.



  • Ship Mobility Devices – Ensure your mobility devices securely await you at your destination. This vital service provides enhanced peace of mind for travelers with mobility challenges, guaranteeing that their essential equipment is readily available upon their timely arrival.




Pricing and Fees

Luggage Forward’s pricing varies based on the size and weight of your items and the destination. While it may be pricier than traditional airline baggage fees, the convenience and reliability are often worth the extra cost. The service eliminates airport hassles and provides door-to-door delivery, making it a valuable choice for stress-free travel. Enjoy transparent, customized pricing without hidden fees.

Here’s a simplified version of the pricing and fees –


Service Type Small Bag (up to 25 lbs) Medium Bag (up to 50 lbs) Large Bag (up to 75 lbs) Extra Large Bag (up to 100 lbs)
Domestic Shipping $99 $139 $179 $219
International Shipping $199 $249 $299 $349
Special Items (Golf Clubs, Skis, etc.) $129 $159 $189 N/A
Express (2-3 days) $149 $189 $229 $269
Economy (5-7 days) $79 $119 $159 $199


Additional fees may apply for – 


  • Overweight items
  • Remote area deliveries
  • Expedited shipping options


Please note that actual prices may vary, and you should visit the Luggage Forward website for the most accurate and detailed quote.

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Luggage Forward Gift Cards

Its gift cards present a unique and thoughtful choice for travelers, eliminating the stress of handling luggage. With denominations of $50, $100, $200, and $300 and more, these gift cards suit anyone aiming to simplify travel for friends and family. They empower recipients to schedule and ship their baggage effortlessly, paving the way for a smoother, more delightful journey. 

Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, these gift cards transform travel experiences by offering convenience and peace of mind. They are a thoughtful way to show care for the globetrotters in your life, making their journeys smoother and more enjoyable. Seize the chance to gift seamless travel and demonstrate your care for loved ones’ comfort and time – buy a Luggage Forward Gift Card today!

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Customer Ratings

Customers have lauded Luggage Forward for its reliability, customer service, and ease of use, with 95% reporting on-time delivery and an impressive 9,000+ 5-star reviews. It’s rated 4.7/5 based on 10,453 reviews on Trustpilot. It maintains an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars across platforms like Google Reviews, showcasing its widespread acclaim and trustworthiness in the luggage shipping industry.

This consistent high praise highlights the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, reflecting their dedication to ensuring a seamless travel experience. As experiences can vary, it’s advised to read recent reviews to understand what to expect, ensuring that your expectations align with the service offered. Customer feedback provides valuable insights into the actual service experience.


Cancellation Policy

They provide a flexible cancellation policy, allowing changes or cancellations to your booking up to the time of pickup, with varying degrees of refunds depending on the timing of the cancellation. This approach caters to the unpredictable nature of travel, allowing clients to adapt their plans without significant penalties. The transparent refund policy informs customers about potential cancellation charges.

Here’s a table summarizing the cancellation policy:


Time Before Pickup Refund Amount
More than 5 days Full refund
3-5 days 75% refund
1-2 days 50% refund
Less than 24 hours No refund


Please note that these are example values for illustrative purposes.

For the most accurate and detailed information, refer to the policy guidelines or contact their customer support.


Customer Support

Their customer support is renowned for being responsive and helpful, available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding your shipment. You can reach them directly at +1 (617) 482-1100 or engage with them through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for more personalized service. This multichannel approach ensures that you can find help through the most convenient means.

They boast an impressive average response time of under 24 hours, ensuring quick resolutions to your inquiries. Their customer satisfaction rating is 92%, and they have an excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +35. Reflecting their commitment to providing top-notch service and support. It ensures swift solutions and better shipping experiences. Also, you can visit more directly in FAQs & Support.

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Comparing Luggage Forward with Other Luggage Shipping Services

Luggage Forward stands out for its on-time guarantee, range of services, and global reach compared to other luggage shipping services. Prices and services can vary widely, so comparing companies based on your specific needs is beneficial. Assessing customer reviews, support options, and additional features can provide deeper insights into each service’s reliability and satisfaction.

Other notable services include Ship Sticks for golf equipment, Send My Bag for international luggage delivery, and LugLess, a cost-effective option for domestic travel. Each of these competitors brings unique features and pricing structures. Making it essential to assess each based on your shipping requirements and destination. User feedback reveals insights on service reliability and satisfaction.


Conclusive Thought

It offers a convenient solution for travelers looking to streamline their journey. With a range of services catered to different needs, it can significantly ease travel stress. While it comes with a price, the convenience, reliability, and time saved may justify the cost for many travelers. As with any service, weigh the benefits against your travel needs and budget to decide if Luggage Forward is the right choice.


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