Forget the ‘work from anywhere’ hype – some cities are going a step further. They’re cities paying remote workers hard cash to get them to settle down. Why? Because they need that jolt of creativity and ambition that remote workers often bring. Think of those pop-up coffee shops, that coworker with tech skills helping the local library. That’s the impact they’re hoping for.

Programs like Tulsa Remote in Oklahoma offer up to $10,000 in relocation grants and networking and community-building opportunities. Several small towns in Kansas or Vermont sweeten the deal with cash payments up to $15,000. These initiatives are a win-win – remote workers find affordable, vibrant communities, and the cities gain much-needed economic and cultural revitalization.

Sounds like a good tradeoff, right? Let’s check out seven cities paying remote workers and rolling out the welcome mat for remote workers.


1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Cities Paying Remote Workers

Tulsa’s efforts are part of a grand plan to spice up its economy while beefing up its cultural vibe, making it a hotspot for professionals from all fields. The city is where you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the hustle and bustle of city life paired with serene green spaces. Living here won’t break the bank; the average home costs about $228,300, and living expenses are 12% below what most of the country pays.

Its job market is expected to grow by 5% in the next five years, and with over 411,401 folks calling it home, the city is on a mission to boost community ties and kick-start its economy. This place is a magnet for remote workers, investors, and entrepreneurs looking for a lively, supportive place to set up shop. Tulsa’s big push on cultural diversity and inclusion isn’t just talk – it’s making the city more inviting.


  • Estimate value of incentive Up to $10,000
  • Who qualifies – Full-time remote workers or self-employed individuals outside of Oklahoma.
  • Package – Includes cash payments over the first year, a housing stipend, and free coworking space in the vibrant downtown area.
  • Internet speeds – 5000 Mbps



2. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, celebrated for its historical allure, is appealing to remote tech workers with its economic programs to bolster the city’s tech workforce. With initiatives like the Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive, the city aims to become a new hub for digital nomads. With a median home price of approximately $280,000, Savannah presents a more cost-effective living alternative than larger tech cities, offering urban convenience and southern charm.

The city is witnessing steady population growth at 147,088, indicating a positive economic trajectory and an increasingly vibrant community. This growth is accompanied by a surge in cultural and social amenities, enriching residents’ quality of life. Savannah’s affordability and cultural richness appeal to remote workers desiring charm and opportunity without big-city drawbacks.


  • Estimate value of incentive – Up to $2,000
  • Who qualifies – Remote workers relocating to Chatham County.
  • Package – The incentive is designed to cover relocating expenses, and it’s available to workers who can prove full-time employment and a minimum one-year commitment to the area.
  • Internet speeds – 1200 Mbps 



3. Topeka, Kansas

With a population of 126,587 per the 2020 Census, Topeka is revitalizing its cityscape through the Choose Topeka program, targeting remote workers desiring a peaceful lifestyle alongside urban perks. This initiative seeks to infuse the community with fresh energy, leveraging Topeka’s ample space of 61.47 square miles and a median household income of $64,225 to attract new residents. 

The broader metro area, home to approximately 233,870 people as of the 2010 Census, underscores the city’s appeal as a growing hub within Kansas, blending small-town charm with metropolitan conveniences. This expansion reflects Topeka’s evolving identity, positioning it as a critical player in the regional economy and a preferred destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.


  • Estimate value of incentive – Up to $15,000
  • Who qualifiesRemote workers or those willing to move and work in Topeka.
  • Package – The program offers a tiered incentive, with higher amounts for those buying homes in the area, alongside rental assistance for newcomers.
  • Internet speeds – 1000 Mbps 



4. Newton, Iowa

Newton, Iowa, is a vibrant small town just 30 miles east of Des Moines. With a population of around 15,700, Newton boasts a strong sense of community, affordable housing options, and convenient access to larger metropolitan areas. Newton actively seeks remote workers and offers enticing incentives to attract new residents. These programs provide housing aid and community engagement.

It presents a compelling alternative for those seeking a close-knit community with lower living costs. The town’s welcoming environment encourages newcomers to participate actively in local life, offering a fulfilling small-town experience. Iowa could be the perfect place for you if you value a welcoming atmosphere, ample amenities, and a desire to connect with the place you call home.


  • Estimate value of incentive – Up to $10,000
  • Who qualifies – Homebuyers relocating to Newton.
  • Package – Besides the cash incentive, new residents can benefit from a welcoming package that includes community gifts and vouchers.
  • Internet speeds – 900 Mbps


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5. Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier is tackling its demographic hurdles by attracting remote workers with its Remote Worker Grant Program, which aims to rejuvenate the local workforce and economy. With a population of 8,074, this picturesque capital offers new residents up to $7,500 to assist with relocation costs, covering everything from relocating expenses to coworking space memberships.

The city’s strategy is designed to enhance its cultural vibrancy and economic dynamism by welcoming new perspectives and skills. Montpelier’s initiative reflects its commitment to injecting youthful energy and diverse talents into the community. This program addresses the ageing population challenge and enriches the area’s cultural and social fabric, making it a promising home for innovators and creatives.


  • Estimate value of incentive Up to $7,000 (statewide program)
  • Who qualifies – Remote workers relocating to Vermont.
  • Package – The program covers relocating expenses and provides additional support for coworking spaces, internet connections, and more.
  • Internet speeds – 1,000 Mbps 



6. Northwest Arkansas

With its natural beauty and growing economy, Northwest Arkansas offers remote workers a unique deal. The Life Works Here initiative provides new residents $10,000 and a street or mountain bike to explore the region’s extensive trails and outdoor activities, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle amidst stunning scenery. The arts scene and community events ease newcomers’ cultural and social integration.

This incentive is perfect for those who love nature and want a balanced lifestyle. Chattanooga boasts a population of 182,113 (2021), offering a slightly below-average cost of living and a median home price of approximately $290,000, making it an attractive option for those seeking a vibrant community without the high cost. The city’s cultural richness and innovation foster a haven for creatives and entrepreneurs.


  • Estimate value of incentive – Up to $10,000
  • Who qualifies – Remote workers with full-time employment outside Arkansas.
  • Package – Apart from the cash bonus, the offer includes a street or mountain bike to explore the region or a membership to local cultural institutions, emphasizing the area’s lifestyle and recreational opportunities.
  • Internet speeds – 1,000 Mbps


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7. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, known as the “Gig City” due to its lightning-fast fibre-optic internet, offers speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, making it an attractive location for remote workers, particularly in the tech industry. The city’s Geek Move program is designed to bolster Chattanooga’s tech community by attracting talented individuals eager to contribute and reap the benefits of its thriving tech ecosystem. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the city’s proximity to scenic mountains and trails. At the same time, its revitalized downtown area offers many restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions with a relatively low cost of living and a high quality of life. Chattanooga is a compelling destination for relocating tech professionals seeking professional opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle.


  • Estimate value of incentive – Up to $10,000
  • Who qualifies – Remote workers willing to move to Chattanooga.
  • Package – The incentive includes a cash stipend, social events to integrate new residents into the community and networking opportunities.
  • Internet speeds – 1000 Mbps



Bring It All Together

The trend of cities paying remote workers to relocate is an innovative approach to community development and economic revitalization. Each town offers its unique blend of financial incentives, community benefits, and lifestyle perks, catering to different preferences and needs. Remote workers now have many options, ensuring they can find the perfect new home to grow personally and professionally.



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